Deepdream Alphabet

This alphabet was created using Googles Deepdream code, and processing the abstract letterforms through a neural network, trained for image recognition.

code, deepdream, inceptionism, typography / 2015

Deepdream Alphabet1
Deepdream Alphabet2
Deepdream Alphabet3
Deepdream Alphabet4
Deepdream Alphabet5
Deepdream Alphabet6
Deepdream Alphabet7
Deepdream Alphabet8
Deepdream Alphabet9
Deepdream Alphabet10
Deepdream Alphabet11
Deepdream Alphabet12
Deepdream Alphabet13
Deepdream Alphabet14
Deepdream Alphabet15
Deepdream Alphabet16
Deepdream Alphabet17
Deepdream Alphabet18
Deepdream Alphabet19
Deepdream Alphabet20
Deepdream Alphabet21
Deepdream Alphabet22
Deepdream Alphabet23
Deepdream Alphabet24
Deepdream Alphabet25
Deepdream Alphabet26